Company Profile

Conflict Applications and Development Group (CAD Group) is a leading Defence and Law Enforcement consulting and procurement company that is committed to raising both unit capability and lethality in domestic and international operations.

With established networks, CAD Group can deliver worldwide and service your needs, regardless of whether your requirements be training, equipment procurement, physical training, consulting or transport.
"​I work in Afghanistan for a Diplomatic Mission and do not have access to a regular, functioning mailing system. When I discovered CAD Group stocked most of the American made (difficult to purchase without a US CC/address) kit I was instantly onto them.

Since dealing with CAD Group, Tim and his team have been second-to-none providing me and some of the lads with top-shelf equipment at very reasonable prices, not to mention rapid delivery whenever I or one of the boys are home so we can bring it back. He never fails!

I am yet to find another stockist in Australia that has this holistic approach to its business model. CAD Group are definitely leading the way in this regard. We will be returning customers - happily - for the foreseeable future.

Cheers boys!